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Giacomo Giannotti, Best Bartender in Spain 2014

The bartender at the Ohla Boutique Bar, located in the Ohla Hotel in Barcelona, was the winner of the Spanish final of the World Class Competition 2014. Twenty-one bartenders from around Spain faced off in this event held at Madrid’s Goya Theater.

He’s worked at the Ohla Boutique Bar at Ohla Hotel for one year, showing his innate ability to transform each cocktail into a complete sensorial experience through complex flavors, smells, textures and temperatures, as well as connecting with each guest, which he believes is particularly important.

Giacomo Giannotti will now represent Spain in the 2014 World Class Global Final.

The event also included the first edition of the Coaster Awards, which recognize the best establishments in the country and Ohla Boutique Bar (Barcelona) was one of the winners.