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Our new Kitchanbar in the Saüc Restaurant

In line with our desire to bridge the gap between our work and our guests, Xavier Franco is throwing the kitchen doors open at Saüc to allow visitors to enjoy a culinary evening in the heart of the kitchen. Sure that eating at the table in a professional kitchen is a great way to be fully immersed in the workings of a restaurant.

And guests can do so from a privileged location: our table in the kitchen is called KitchenBar, a raised bar right in the line of fire. As if it were a stage, guests that opt to try this experience will rub elbows and even, if they so desire, interact with Xavier Franco and his team in a haute-cuisine service.

What happens backstage? How are all of the dishes that file out of that door prepared and organized? At the Saüc kitchen table, in addition to discovering the answers to these questions, guests can get an up-close and personal look at how their own food is prepared.

With the aim of taking guests on a journey through Xavier’s cuisine, at KitchenBar we only serve the Saüc Tasting Menu, specially designed for lovers of food and cooking that delight in a long parade of carefully crafted dishes and also want to experience a real professional kitchen in motion to feel the passion and care its professionals put into their work day after day.

To book, check conditions and availability at: or on 93 321 01 89.